Re: RE: Help Please@ Wheaties:Farmer 5,Tiger Wood

From: Roberto Verzola (
Date: Sat Jan 22 2000 - 10:09:53 EST

>at the current price, the net is probably negative. Thus, farm families
>growing corn would starve to death if they depended on growing corn to feed
>themselves. If they are eating, it is probably because of subsidies from
>the government, off-farm work, and depletion of capital, rather than the
>corn they produce.

Am I missing anything? Why don't they just set aside a portion of the
land to plant or grow whatever they need to eat, and use only the rest
of the land for their cash crop? Then they don't have to starve to
death. More than that, they will find themselves in a better
negotiating position (because they won't go hungry if they won't sell
at a loss).

Roberto Verzola

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