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Date: Sun Jan 16 2000 - 18:54:45 EST

> Several months ago someone was talking about gravity fed drip tape, coming
> from plastic 55 gallon drums. They said one company had the fittings cheap
> and another had the tape cheap. If whoever wrote that or remembers the
> companies I would appreciate it. Any other info on gravity feed tape lines
> would be appreciated. Thank you.

Chapin Watermatics, one of the oldest suppliers of trickle and drip
irrigation in the country, carries the Chapin Bucket Irrigation Kits.

Chapin Watermatics

The Chapin Watermatics web page doesn't list this item, but I'm
sure you can buy it directly by calling their phone number.

Chapin offers a discount on these kits for workers involved with
developing country agriculture. For overseas workers, Chapin
provides a literature packet and video that shows how to set up
raised beds, amend the bed with manures or composts to feed
the soil, and set up the posts and hang the buckets. I seem to
recall a 5-foot pole is sufficient. You fill the bucket in the
morning before you go to work, and gravity slowly delivers the
water to your vegetable garden.

If you have a remote location with a pond or a creek as the only
source of water, a bucket setup like this can be a real time
saver. If you have a backyard patch with access to an outdoor water
tap, there's really no need use the bucket method since plenty of
drip systems are designed to handle tap water pressure.

Bucket Kit Watering vs Hand Watering
[Reprint of Chapin Watermatics product literature-article]

In addition to Chapin, Hydrosource, Inc. is a company that promotes
integrated planting systems. They sell the Chapin Bucket Irrigation
Kit for $15.


Especially see:

Marriage of the Chapin Bucket Irrigation Kit and the
Hydrosource/Sunbelt System

At this Hydrosource link, you can see pictures of the Chapin bucket
irrigation system used in combination with Dewitt Sunbelt Weed
Barrier and Hydrosource hydrogel. These pictures were taken at the
late Dan Wofford's farm in Eastern Oklahoma.

In this part of the country, Dan was well known to small farmers
and university horticulture workers. In one year, he helped over 130
small farmers and market gardeners in Missouri set up an integrated
planting bed based on the combination of weed barriers and hydrogels.

In fact, there was a SARE grant in Missouri that looked at this
integrated planting technology for day neutral strawberries.

While you are connected to the Hydrosource website, check out the
interesting collection of articles with scanned photos that
illustrate some of the practical on-farm research Dan undertook
at his farm in Jay, OK.

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Steve Diver
Fayetteville, AR

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