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On Thu, 5 Aug 1999, Jane Sooby wrote:

> And, I would add, has already been done on many low-input technologies. The
> North Central region SARE call for proposals last year contained a specific
> request for projects that locate data from old research that can be
> utilized in this neo-organic era. If anyone knows of any such projects that
> were funded, why don't you post a message and tell us what you're digging
> up? I also recommend that folks look carefully at the old ag station and
> land grant bulletins and reports from way back when to glean ideas for
> approaches we can use now--or discard as not worthwhile.

Preston Sullivan, of ATTRA, put together an organic farming bibliography
while at NCSU. I have a copy of this online at:

You can download 7 small files or the whole thing as a 1 meg. file.

The database is a little hard to interpret but it contains many good
references with a quantity from the early 1900's.
Its worth browsing and may have useful poultry references.
Here's a sample:

Rutherford, D. M.
Chicken-bee-game bird-vegetable-orange grower.
Pacific Rural Press
Mar 1942 143:205 (3/21/42)

Anderson, R.
This farm is a factory; the Honeggers show
how one family can practice "vertical
diversification" now.
Farm J
Feb. 1944 68(2):23

Finn, H.
Livestock in fruit and vegetable growing.
Farmer and Stock-Breeder
Feb. 1, 1944

Browne, E.N.
The small-scale diversified farm, a worthwhile
pattern for Australia.
Rur Life
June 1952

Garner, F.H.
Market gardening on the mixed farm.
Farmer and Stock-Breeder Ybk.

Bell, R.
Hens and cows earn more together.
Big Farmer
Winter 1965

Benne, E. J.
Understanding the myth of organic farming
(Nutrients are supplied by mineral fertilizers).
Hoard's Dairyman.
Aug. 1979.

Morgan, H.
Mixed farming for maintaining soil structure and
So Austral Dept Agr J
Aug. 1951

McCallum, N.S.K.
Natures recipe for soil fertiity; organic matter must be
Land [Sydney]
Feb. 9, 1945

Butler, T.
How to get rich lands; humus; how to keep up and increase the
Prog F
Jun. 30, 1917

Dutcher, R.
Fertilizer won't replace humus.
Oct. 1945

Cooke, G.W.
The roles of organic manures and organic matter in
managing soils for higher crop yields: a review of
the experimental evidence.
In Proc Intl Seminar on Soil Environ and Fertility Mgt
in Intensive Agric
1977 p. 53-64

Wheeting, L.C.
Organic matter is keystone of healthy soil.
Idaho Farmer
Feb. 3, 1949

Stone, A.L.
Weed seeds in manure.
Hoard's D
Aug. 13, 1920

Graber, L.F.
Lime and legumes as weed destroyers.
Hoard's D
Feb. 1920

Whitehead, S. B.
What we may learn from weeds.
Aug. 1943

Gallup, C. M.
Farm wisely like the Indians.
Land [Baltimore]
Spring 1945

Luckiesh, M.
Destruction of insects by light traps.
Electrical World
Jun. 1933

Bunting, A.H.
Fertilizers: Dr. Bunting replies to Sir Albert Howard.
Country Life [London]
Aug. 18, 1944 96:284-285

Petterson, B., and E. Wistinghausen.
Effects of organic and inorganic fertilizers on soils and crops.
Results of a long-term field experiment in Sweden.
Woods End Agricultural Institute, Temple, ME, Misc. Pub. #1
1979 44p.

Dowdy, R. H. and Larson, W. E.
Metal uptake by Barley seedlings grown on soils amended with
sewage sludge.
J Environ Qual
Apr/Jun. 1974 4(2):229-233

Baker, R.
Biological control: eradication of plant pathogens by adding
organic amendments to soil.
CRC handbook of pest management in agriculture.
1981 317-327

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