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joel b gruver (
Tue, 9 Feb 1999 18:06:47 -0500 (EST)

In response to the following post...

> >UK Government Burns Biotech Canola
> >
> >A field of herbicide-resistant canola was destroyed in UK after it
> >pollinated nearby plants. The biotech canola was planted only two meters
> >away from normal canola. Regulations dictating a buffer zone of at least 6
> >meters were violated.
> >

A buffer zone of 6 m is hardly enough to minimize transfer of GM
canola pollen...

Canola is insect pollinated as is very obvious to anyone that has listened
to the amazing hum of honey bees and other pollinators working a field of
canola... I would think that an effective buffer zone would have to be in
the hundreds of meters...

I would think that GM seed producers would/should be disseminating
conservative and explicit buffer zone information to all growers of
their minimize company liability for events such as
the recent contamination of organic corn chips...

Do any of the technology contracts that farmers are signing these
days specify buffer zone requirements ?

Joel Gruver
U of MD

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