Looking for Post_Docs.

Regi Thomas (regi@hss.iitb.ernet.in)
Mon, 10 Nov 1997 10:47:32 +0500 (GMT+0500)

Dear SANETers,

I am completing my doctoral degree in a couple of months time.
My thesis is on the "Economic-Ecological Retrospection of the Homestead
Farming in Kerala (India)".

I am interested in studying/working on/ doing resarch on:
* sustainable agriculture, particularly in wet tropical sytems
* indegenuous knowledge systems (preferebly in agriculture ..)
* farmer's hueristics
* rural development etc..
* studying the Kerala development model, and if possible to
develop a GIS for a sustainable agriculture and development.

I would greatly appreaciate if you could forward this mail to anybody who
is likely to be interested in any of the areas or are likely to have
research positions to offer.

Thank you

Yours sincerely

Senior Research Fellow
HSS Department, Indian Institute of Tech. Bombay
Powai, Mumbai. 4000 076
Ph : 91-22-5782545 ext 7359 or 7351/2 \
: 91-22-5783644 / (Work)
Fax : 91-22-5783480 Attn REGI HSS Dept
Telex : 011-72313 IITB IN --do--
Email : regi@hss.iitb.ernet.in
Res: Hostel -1 Room 22 (ph +91-22-5781017 room 22)

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