Re:internationally linked farmers' groups

Lawrence F. London, Jr. (
Fri, 5 Apr 1996 02:27:27 -0500 (EST)

On Thu, 4 Apr 1996, Ryoko Tsukamoto wrote:

> I am looking for farmers' groups in the US which are not only concerned
> with using sustainable practices in farming, but put importance on
> increasing local autonomy and have a high political and international
> consciousness from the point of view of the need to find a way for small
> farmers to link up internationally for mutual survival (especially
> North-South linkages). Does anybody have any information on some specific
> groups?
> Ryoko Tsukamoto

Permaculture people, many of whom are small organic farmers are potentially
well linked and networked internationally for mutual survival, support
and resource exchange. Everything from dialup BBS's (i.e. FidoNet) to
e-mail, mailing-lists, newsgroups, ftp, gopher and WWW pages. Examples of
WWW resources are sites called "PermaWeb", "Permanet", "Permaculture
International", "Permaculture UK". I am working on "Piedmont Permaculture"
as part of my overall PC resources - this will help network local
small organic market and CSA farmers; I am one of these, myself. We will
use this resource for news, info exchange, certification info, CSA
resources, marketing and buying coops & marketing in general, interacting
with Cooperative Extension support and with local community colleges
offering organic/sustainable farming curricula.


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